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Kodamanomori Camping Ground
3362 Ogiso, Kiso, Kiso District, Nagano 399-6203  


FFKT 2020 Bus tour
Tour bus plan from 4 cities (Tokyo / Osaka / Kyoto / Nagoya)


From Tokyo region
Shuto Expressway “Eifuku-IC” → Chuo Expressway “Takaido-IC” → “Ina-IC” → The festival venue.
Approx. 190mins

From Osaka region
>Chuo Expressway → “Ina-IC” → The festival venue.
Approx. 30mins from Ina-IC exit

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From Tokyo region
Shinjuku Sta. → Shiojiri Sta. → Yabuhara Sta. → Free Shuttle Bus → The festival venue.

From Osaka region
Shin-Osaka Sta. → Nagoya Sta. → Kiso Fukushima Sta. → Yabuhara Sta. → Free Shuttle Bus → The festival venue.

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¥ 15,000 / 1Person
Parking Ticket

Parking Ticket

¥ 3,000 / 1Car
Tent Ticket

Tent Ticket

¥ 3,000 / 1Tent



  • No entry for underage.
  • Free entry for kids (under 12 or under) only when accompanied by guardian.
  • Please note that changes / cancellation of applications can not be accepted.
  • No refund due to natural disasters, unexpected accidents, change of artist line-up.
  • The temperature difference is extreme between day and night (from 5 degrees to 28 degrees). Appropriate outfit for cold weather, raining is recommended.
  • Festival organizers do not take any responsibility for accidents, losses, theft, injury, sickness, or any problems in and out of the festival venue.
  • Fireworks, firearms, other dangerous objects, illegal objects are prohibited to bring in.
  • Glass bottles or any similar fragile objects are not allowed to bring in the venue. These will be immediately confiscated by security staffs upon discovery.
  • Recording or shooting of artist performances is not permitted.
  • Official press will be shooting artist performance and all around the festival venue. These materials will be used at FFKT website, SNS or various media.
  • To minimize rubbishes and keep the venue clean as much as possible, bringing food/drinks in the festival site is not permitted. Please visit food area, official drink bar in the festival site.
  • No littering of cigarette’s butts or any garbage. Please use designated smoking area, waste collection point in the site.
  • Failure to comply with the instructions by security staffs will result in immediate ejection from the venue with no refunds of admission.
  • Do not do any activity that might be a nuisance to local residents.
  • Take good care of health condition of yourself as well as your friends. If any problem, please visit official first aid station.
  • Pets are allowed to enter the venue under responsibility of the owner. Please take maximum care of your pets.
  • Failure to comply with the above conditions, or with the directions of festival staff will result in ejection from the venue.

For the visitors arriving by car

  • We do not sell parking tickets only. Please purchase with admission ticket.
  • Parking ticket needs to be purchased in advance.
  • Our festival can make re-entry at the charge of JPY1,000. (Except for the midnight from 1:00am to 8:00am.) Please take re-entry procedures at the parking entrance when you go out by car.
    Please note that you are unable to re-enter the venue in no circumstances without re-entry procedures.

For the visitors arriving by motorbike

  • Parking charge is JPY1,000 per motorbike. Payment can be made when arrival at the entrance gate.

For the visitors arriving by bicycle

  • We recommend visiting by public transportation. Free shuttlebus service between JR Yabuhara Sta. to the venue is available. The traffic around the venue is expected to be much heavier than usual and more risks to get involved unexpected car accident.

Festival wristbands

  • Please have the festival wristband showing your QR code at entrance gate.
  • The wristband is to be a proof of ticket purchase. Do not remove wristband during festival period.
  • Please cooperate with wristband-checks randomly carried out in the venue. The check is always required at entrance every time you get in the venue.
  • If you don’t cooperate with the check or failed to show your wristband, we immediately ask to leave the venue.
  • No re-issued of wristband can be made for loss.

Using tent

  • Tent ticket needs to be purchased in advance.
  • The direct flame can not be used at the campground.

With minimum manners, you have cleared all above. Enjoy music, art and helping each others!


  • こだまの森
  • やぶはら高原スキー場