Visible Cloaks
ポートランド、オレゴンを拠点とするSpencer DoranとRyan Carlileの2人組、Visible Cloaks。2017年にレーベルRVNG Intl.からリリースされたアルバム『Reassemblage』でPitchforkのBest New Musicに選出されるなど、アンビエント界で今もっとも注目すべきアーティストとして知られている。
Portland, Oregon-based duo of Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile are the open-source musical entity known as Visible Cloaks, whose debut album Reassemblage and affiliated mini-album Lex both beamed to the world via RVNG last year.
Reassemblage finds Doran and Carlile incorporating an international array of virtual instruments to advance the idea of pan-globalism through digital simulation, with tones and colours cohering into a living, breathing pool of sensorial experience. With the “Fourth World” leanings of 80s Japanese ambient and pop (as explored by Spencer on his radiant ‘Fairlights, Mallets, and Bamboo’ mixes) a crucial touchstone amidst a breadth of worldly musical influences, Visible Cloaks filter and form source material to become young again.