Hibiya Line
Hibiya Lineは日本人ではない。スイスとベトナムの血を引くDanは、出身地のローザンヌで2006年にDJ活動を開始。その後、瞬く間にMontreux Jazz Festival、Paleo、Motel Campotoといったスイスを代表するフェスティバルやクラブに出演するようになる。2012年にはベトナムへ移住。2013年にはベトナムのトップクラブThe Observatoryを開く。
それ以来Hibiya Lineは、ダンスフロアーをコントロールする術を洗練させてきた。ジャンルで言えば、ハウスやディスコ、テクノをかけるということになるのだろうが、彼は、彼を知るダンスフロアーのクラウド達が、多様で興味深いミュージック・ジャーニーを導くような、よりオープンなスタイルを期待していることを知っている。Hibiya Lineは、オーディエンスが深く音楽に没頭できるような、より先進的で広がりをもったセットをプレイすることが好きなのだ。
Hibiya Line is not Japanese. Behind that name hides Dan, a Swiss-Vietnamese guy who in 2006 began playing live acts mixing beats, house and techno in his hometown of Lausanne, Switzerland with two friends. They quickly made a name for themselves were invited to play in some of the most prestigious clubs and festivals around the country such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Paleo, and Motel Campoto name a few. His deep immersion in the Swiss party scene eventually brought him to Saigon in 2012, and in 2013, he opened The Observatory.
Since then, Hibiya Line has become known as one of the most versatile and resilient DJs in the region, with more than enough capacity and drive to take full control of dance floors from the sundown to sunrise. Hibiya Line’s sound explores house, disco and techno, but his dancefloor can always expect to experience some open-ended style tracks thrown in that make the audio journey more diverse and interesting. He likes to play very extended sets in order to allow the audience time to become deeply immersed in the sonic story he wants to share.