BruceことLarry McCarthy。2014年のデビュー以来、UK最前線を担うレーベルHessle Audioや、Timedanceから数多くのリリースを重ね、レーベルメイトでもあるLivity SoundやHemlockとともに、自身のサウンドを拡張し続けてきた。
Bruceは、その楽曲の斬新さのみならずDJとしての評価も高く、毎月公開しているミックスシリーズNoods Radio Show “Get Loose! With Bruce”では、彼の幅広い音楽性も知ることができる。2018年にはHessle Audioからファーストアルバムをリリース。その中の『What』は、Resident Advisorの2018年ベストトラックに選ばれており、今やBristol/UKのニュー・ジェネレーションを代表するアーティストと見なされている。
Bruce has been a fundamental force in the continuing output from the pioneering label collective Hessle Audio since his 2014 debut. Since its inception, McCarthy has also been closed. Affiliate of the Timedance label, where he’s continued to expand his sound, along with Livity Sound and Hemlock.
He further explores his own marriage of McCarthy’s hyperactive and surreal humor with him to recreate the process of converting experimental abstraction into exhilarating energy when he performed as a DJ. His nuanced dancefloor approach has already taken him on tour as far as the US and Japan. heartfelt music and daft humor via his monthly Noods Radio show, “Get Loose! With Bruce,” coyly lassoing together various sonic phenomena that inspire his music.
McCarthy’s debut album released on Hessle Audio. It promises to further amplify his powers and change the shape of electronic music through deep, hi-tech self-expression.