asuka ando
メロウすぎるにもほどがある© Lovers Rock Reggae Singer。
これまでのリリースは オリジナル・ソロ・アルバム2枚、『mellowmoood』(2015年)『あまいひとくち』(2018年)の他、“週末はソウルバンド”「思い出野郎Aチーム」、心地良いHIP HOPビートを生み出し続けるトラックメイカー「EVISBEATS」、ちいさなファンク・バンド「CAT BOYS」ほか、さまざまなアーティストからラヴ・コールを受けコラボ&客演の7インチなどなど。活動の場は縦横無尽。その幅は彼女の音楽嗜好そのもの。
asuka ando is a Lovers Rock Singer who sings “WAY TOO MELLOW” ©
Since her debut, she has released 2 original solo albums such as “mellowmoood” (2015) and “amai hit kouchie” (2018) so far.
Moreover, she has received love-call from many kinds of artists; she collaborated with OYAT as known as “WEEKEND SOUL BAND”, EVISBEATS a track maker creating comfortably groovy Hip Hop, and CAT BOYS as known as “SMALL FUNK BAND” to name a few.
Her scope of activity is totally far and wide and its range exactly represents her deep preference of music.
Looking up the stars shining alone in late at night, staying at the dance floor at dawn, listening people talking about love at coffee shop while the sun is setting… her lyrics give an image of these scenes. In addition without distinction of age or sex, her lyrics attracts fans who are suffering heart aches from promise that never fulfilled with miserable feelings.
As she creates music, she also works hard on collaboration projects with NONCHELEEE, DANGKANG-SHOP, various type of designers and creators.
In the year 2019, she is planning to release many 7 inch vinyl records and related merchandise.